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Despite the fact that many Altcoin continue to emerge, and even some get good responses from the crypto community, the top crypto coins still present the best opportunities for investment. But what remains a question is: will major crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, still be able to double your investment in 2019?

Bitcoin: Focus on Speed ​​Problems

2018 is a year of terrible fluctuations due to the tendency of the bearish Bitcoin market. Therefore, Bitcoin will focus more on increasing the use of Lightning Network this year. So far, Bitcoin is only able to process 7 transactions per second. The low processing speed made critics keep coming from the developers. Now, the Lightning Network, created in 2017, has recently made progress due to the adoption of CoinGate payment processing startups and support from 4,000+ nodes. The full version of the Lightning Network release will take place in 2019, and this can provide a new initial step for Bitcoin.

Ethereum: Upgrade and Hardforks

Over the past three years, Ethereum has functioned as the Blockchain platform to create D-Apps and games. There are already more than 2,000 D-Apps built on the Ethereum platform, and the number continues to increase. That raises concerns about scalability, while the development team has not provided confirmation about the possibility of network improvements.

The last update that occurred in the Ethereum network was Constantinople which was released in January 2019. This Soft Fork has increased the efficiency of the Blockchain Ethereum, reduced reward or gift blocks for mining, and made the system more resistant to ASIC.

This is indeed bad news for miners, but good for potential investors. The next upgrade to the Ethereum network this year is the implementation of the Casper protocol and sharding. Casper allows switching from the Pow (Proof-of-Work) protocol to the PoS (Proof-of-Stake), and solves the problem of serious power consumption during mining. Sharding will provide a higher transaction speed. One node does not have to process each transaction in the blockchain for new operations to be carried out. In addition, there are 2 more Hardfork that will occur in the Ethereum network, namely Classic Vision and Ethereum Nowa.

Some experts doubt if the price of Ethereum will beat the previous record. However, Blockchain specialists like Julian Hosp have the opposite opinion. He claimed that Ethereum's market capitalization could reach $ 200 billion by the end of this year, which means that ETH prices could reach $ 2000. The prediction is mostly based on ICO which is not organized on the Blockchain Ethereum.

While according to Joseph Raczynski, founder of JoeTechnologist.com, Ethereum will reach $ 1,200 by the end of 2019. The prediction is based on the fact that Blockchain Ethereum will use PoS, the most trusted consensus model. "They (Ethereum) are one of the most obvious projects to date. Almost all major organizations are testing this platform," Raczynski said.

Litecoin: Daily Crypto Payment Target

While Bitcoin is seen as the best crypto, people prefer to save it instead of using it for everyday transactions. Litecoin is Hardfork which is designed to allow regular micro payments, so that it can complement the shortcomings of Bitcoin in this respect. The Litecoin team has so far organized a campaign to encourage the use of crypto currencies on daily payments on the paywithlitecoin.co site.

The site explains that Litecoin is able to provide key benefits such as low costs and high transaction speeds. With the release of Litecoin Core 0.17, transaction costs with LTC will be even lower. This update will be introduced in the early quarter of 2019. In addition, Litecoin will enable more anonymous transactions on the Blockchain to attract new users.

If you still want to earn income from cryptocurrency, investing is not the only way. You can also do this by trading. Although the method is somewhat different and requires extra effort, the potential profit earned is quite tempting.

Ripple: Focus on Institutional Investors

At present, Ripple is predicted to become the next Bitcoin in 2019. Why? The answer is thanks to support from institutional investors. The biggest banks in the world have collaborated with Ripple, so they can be the catalyst for Ripple development this year.

If positive Ripple predictions materialize, the price could double this year, or even reach the $ 5 threshold. Some crypto experts even claim that Ripple will reach $ 20 by 2019.